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Here I will putt some stuff that you can buy from me.

It can be handy when you are building a mini ore something else.

If I can help you with something else, for example rudder's, a dagger board or an extra large filling-knife than please let me know


Positive P.U. bulb mould. 300.- 

Made of P.U. foam. what you need to do is mount the mould on the bottom of a wooden box and putt so much concrete in the box until the mould is covert with about 3 cm of it. After curing you can take out the p.u. mould. now you have a negative concrete mould that you can use to putt the liquid lead in. After cooling of the lead you can take  it out of the mould and use the mould a second time to make they other half of the bulb.

Now there are people who are saying that this won't work. And that you have to do this with special sand or wath ever????? I dont now. I have never don this


Small Stainless steel staple. 10.-

Small stainless steel staples 8mm long 11mm width. To keep the glassfiber cloth in place when you put the epoxy on. They are very hard to get.



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